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How Did You Become A Foot Master? Edit

"I didn't realize there was a whole community dedicated to worshipping male feet until one day I came home and found my roommate had been stealing my dirty socks. I went to confront him on it and I walked into him hard while sniffing my sweaty socks. Instead of screaming at him instead I shoved my feet into his face and he starting sniffing and licking them. I decided that I would allow him to do that because it made me feel powerful. He starting offering cash and gifts to me in order to earn the right to worship my feet and urged me to become an online/in person foot master " --Master Seth

Foot Kings Poll Edit

Master Seth Is currently at 2nd place on the Foot Kings poll website, right behind Master Caramel

He Has Achieved 4 Trophies For:

•Size 15 Feet

• ✔ Real Slaves

•Best New coming Foot Master

•Best Skater

Trivia Edit

• He's The 7th Youngest Foot Master

• He's The 2nd Best American Foot Master

• He might actually wear a size 17 since his feet are 13in long, bigger than a actual 11.8 in size 15

Gallery Edit

Here Are A Couple Pics Of Seth & His Feet